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Curated. By Real Talks

Curated. By real talks

Welcome to the Real Talks educational toolkit!

Real Talks is a much needed initiative by RA*W and The Student Hotel to open up the conversation about taboos in the creative industry. We host (online) talks where people can learn and discuss important topics, like stereotyping and gender inequality. The aim is to inspire young talent, share insights and build a better future together. With different perspectives, more colour, more opinions, more diversity and more openness.

This is our way to contribute to the cultural shift that should have been implemented a long time ago. To us, inclusion, diversity and ethics are not popular trending terms. These are values that should be taken for granted by everyone in our beloved creative industry.

The goal is that we will challenge ourselves, our own board and our community to always question their actions, to read, to listen, to ask and to learn. We invite you to learn, develop and grow with us.

After each Real Talks session this toolkit will be expanded with new information about the latest topic that has been discussed. Curated by RA*W board members, RA*W community members, The Student Hotel and the guest speakers of the session. Would you like to further educate yourself in subjects like stereotyping, inclusive recruitment policy, sexism, ethics and work-life balance? Dive into our list with important podcasts, articles, books, campaigns and more!

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The 16th of February 2021 we have talked about stereotyping in media and advertising. Together with our guest speakers and a few of our panelists we have collected the most interesting articles, podcasts, platforms and campaigns for you to get more informed about this subject. Get inspired, learn, develop and grow with us. 💜

Scroll to find the list of curators from the Stereotyping session.

  • Articles

    How Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty delivered ‘Beauty for All’
    In this article, Fenty Beauty explains how the brand of Rihanna has rewrited all rules in the beauty industry. A brand with inclusivity and diversity in their DNA.

    Gender Justice Toolkit
    Cartoon Network and the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) worked together in this campaign to empower young people from the LGBTQIA+ to talk about gender. By means of a comicstrip on social and their ‘Gender Justice Toolkit’ they provide information about gender identities and personal pronouns.

    Komst van Omroep ZWART is goed voor het hele bestel
    Article written by mediascientist Reza Kartosen-Wong about the importance of the entrance of Omroep ZWART in Dutch television.

    Laten we het niet over diversiteit hebben, maar over representativiteit
    Article written by Bas Vroonland about the preference to talk about ‘representativity’ instead of just ‘diversity’.

    Beperkt zicht
    Print it out, read it through and put it on your desk. Short and concise reference work. Useful!

    Verkenning bevolking 2050: meer inwoners met een migratieachtergrond
    Article published by Centraal Bureau van Statistiek filled with predictions about the Dutch demographics for the coming years. High relevance, due to the fact that representation in media and advertising depends on the population structure.

  • Podcasts

    AYS Hour | Using Influence to Hold Accountability with Tremaine Emory
    In this podcast, journalist Noor Tagouri has a conversation with creative consultant Tremaine Emory. He explains how he advised brands with whom he collaborated during the BLM protests. About taking responsibility and going beyond donating money and social posts.

    Bakkie Media | Exclusiviteit is nieuwe inclusiviteit, Purpose is dead, Tommy Hilfiger Handicap, Coole Crocs
    Podcast episode in which Thijs van Dijk and Daniel Kok talk about brands focusing on inclusivity versus brands who don’t, purpose marketing and woke washing.

    The Dave Chang Show | Momofuke Chili Crunch
    In this episode from the podcast of Asian culinary figurehead David Chang, the importance of telling the story, the context and the history of a product whenever you have the ambition to sell it in a new environment, is explained.

    Room to Talk | Podcast by New Amsterdam Film Company
    Podcast with different people from the advertising industry, for example Johan Kramer.

  • (Social) media platforms

    Let Toys Be Toys
    A platform that wants to create a future in which children can choose the toys they like, without the negative influence of stereotypes.

    Alkebulan Project
    A multidisciplinair community that develop campagnes out of different perspectives. An example is Late Night Talks: an inclusive talkshow in which topics are approached from different backgrounds and perspectives.

    IG account focussing on exposing often heard statements with a negative impact, to create awareness.

    De feministische werkplaats
    IG account focusing on gender inequality.

    IG account of Chanel Lodik - woman working in marketing and posting about racism, inclusivity and diversity.

    Titty Mag

    Broodje Kaas Met Sambal

  • Campaigns

    Father's Day | Daily Paper
    Daily Papers shows in this campaign the intimate moments between black fathers and their children. Daily Paper not only uses their platform as a voice for positive representation of the black community, they tackle the stereotype of the ‘absent black father’ as well.

    ThisAbles | IKEA
    The ThisAbles project was conceived to allow people with special needs to enjoy the quality of life provided by IKEA products. With a new and revolutionary line of products, IKEA bridges the gap between existing IKEA products and the special needs of people belonging to these populations.

    Zeeman Ondergoed | Zeeman
    Campaign focussing on underwear that shows a representative picture of different body types.

    MyBeautyMySay | Dove
    This campaign shed light on the daily harassment women deal with and possibly internalise. It shows strong women who are proud of their identity, even though they don’t comply with the stereotype of the ‘ideal’ woman.

    The E.V.A Initiative | Volvo
    Women are more likely to get injured in a car crash, due to the fact that male crash dummies are the standard. However, cars need to be safe for everyone according to Volvo. That is why they want to improve gender equality in all cars and share their research with the rest of the car industry.

    Ik Zie Wat Jij Niet Ziet
    Guest speaker Chee-Han Kartosen-Wong is partly known for this powerful video essay to create awareness among anti-Asian racism and the use of stereotypes for Asians.

    Omroep Zwart - Welkom | Omroep Zwart
    This campaign video of Omroep ZWART shows the impact of different perspectives. When focussing on authenticity, it is clear that this production is done by people from different backgrounds.

  • Other

    TED Talk | The danger of a single story
    Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the danger of the one-sided view of cultures outside your own. Focussing on the other perspective of a story leads to nuance and prevents misunderstanding. In the context of advertising, this means that there needs to be space for people to tell stories, instead of only the interpretations of others.

    Book | Heb je een boze moslim voor mij?
    Book written by Zoe Papaikonomou and Annebregt Dijkman in which they try to find out why it seems impossible for media to become more diverse, not only in the workplace, but in the way of working as well. They work together with more than 50 journalists, opinion makers and experts.

    Book | Women don't owe you pretty - Florence Given
    Book focussing on creating awareness of your own biases and internalisations related to women. Topics as heteronormativity and the negative consequences of this will be discussed as well.

    Documentary | The Mask You Live In - The Representation Project
    This documentary shows that focussing on gender equality is not only about women. Men stereotypes (in the media) have an enormous impact on the development of young boys as well - especially the development of emotional openness.

    Book | Gevangen in zwart zit denken
    A must read book from Babah Tarawally. A story about a refugee from Sierra Leone that shows the reality about perception and stereotyping. This honest story is an escape for everyone who got stuck in the debate about colour and identity.


Jamal Jama
Jamal was the first guest speaker of this session. He is the co-owner of JAMA MEDIA and a ‘Beeldbreker’ at the Van Gogh Museum. He is relatively young but already dealt with stereotyping in his journey to success. Everything he does shows he understands the impact of harmful stereotyping and the need for representation.

Chee-Han Kartosen-Wong
Chee-Han was the second guest speaker of this session. She is fighting for an inclusive world on many different fronts. She is an editor and a speaker, and she also writes culturally diverse and inclusive children's books.

Mieke Koopen
Mieke is part of the RA*W Community. She has written her master thesis about inclusivity and representation at Havas Lemz and was involved in research focused on representation of the Dutch population in Dutch tv-commercials.

Miles Momoh
Miles is a Board Member at RA*W and was involved in the organisation of this session. He feels the need for change in the creative industry and is motivated to work on a cultural shift. He works at social agency Hammerfest - a workplace with inclusivity in their DNA. From there, he is involved in developing a program for the onboarding of diverse creative talent in the Dutch agency market, in collaboration with PlusPlusOne Academy.

Sanne Mak
Sanne is board member at RA*W and was involved in the organisation of this session. She uses her knowledge about psychology and data in combination with her motivation to convey the need for change, to contribute to this subject. Among other things, she was involved in the research done by the VEA about stereotyping as well as in the research on the inclusive positioning of social agency Hammerfest.