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Street heart challenge

Digital Out-of-Home challenge

The lockdown made sure young talents were digitally hidden behind their laptops.

A 'creative quarantine' so to speak. And that’s a shame... if you ask us. Because creativity should be openly celebrated. This is why we wanted to give young talent a spotlight for their creative work. On a digital screen, out in the open for everyone in the Netherlands to see! And so we created a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) challenge, where the digital screens were the canvas for your art in our STREET HEART exposition.

The best and most cheerful designs (yes, multiple winners!) got a place to showcase their work all over our little ‘froggy’ country.

We teamed up with our friends at Exterion Media to launch this DOOH challenge. The artists' work were displayed at 2.300+ digital screens throughout the Netherlands.

This was our jury

Madison Arias - DOOH challenge

The winner of our DOOH Challenge

Congratulations @madison.ariass, you've won our competition in collaboration with @exterionmedianl! 🔥

The motivation for her work:

"Hi there, I'm Madison Arias, a 29 year old Motion graphic designer based in Amsterdam. I wanted to participate in this initiative because I like to illustrate what surrounds me by always using bright colors with a sprinkle of joy. And this brief... just reflects what I'm doing :) The visual represents the joy when I had the possibility of returning to Italy to visit my parents and friends. Hope you like it and may make this gloomy day colorful."

Thomas Smit DOOH

The runner up of our DOOH Challenge

Congratulations @thomas__smit, you're our runner up with your design 'On to new things' 💜

His motivation:

"One is in need of renewal. Months we spent at home. We are less happy than before the outbreak partly because we had no prospect of getting out again. With this work, I want to evoke in people the feeling of joy and even if it is only for a moment to dream away to a world full of new experiences."

RAW Exterion DOOH main Kevin

3rd place of the Street Heart DOOH challenge

The third and final winner is @typomento. This was his winning design, isn't it stunning? 💜

His motivation:

“Alegria” means “joy” papiamento. My family from Aruba and Curacao always used this word during parties, events or family outings or hanging out with friends. This word also brings people together and creates long lasting memories so I hope by joining this event this word could also bring some cultures together because for me being around loved ones in the moment is a “taste of joy”.